~ Working together toward a SANE World
in a secure, private, virtual landscape ~

Humanity is in the midst of a great transition, a shift in ways of being and doing that goes down to the very roots of civilization itself. It is exceedingly likely that if we undergo this change unconsciously, if we simply close our eyes and allow it to happen, that which we cherish and hold as beautiful and meaningful may well be endangered. How then to take responsibility for our shared future?

In order for humanity to evolve to a new level of care and integrity, we need to create effective systems and structures that allow people from all walks of life to participate in shifting our world to an all-considerate place. A space where resonant, sincere signals of uplift are clear, and where there is less noise and confusion.

For this, we need to step fully into our co-creative capacities and learn how to truly collaborate. It is important to proceed with deep humility. It is equally important to acknowledge the tremendous capacity that currently lies latent or dispersed in humanity.

Welcome to our SANE platform!

A collective space for all things SANE.

SANE welcomes individuals, networks and projects from across the globe in one virtual space that is secure (peer to peer powered, private, end-to-end encrypted, free of ads and user driven) and designed specifically to:

Screen Shot 2020-09-30 at 9.21.24 AM
  • Upgrade our capacity to collaborate
  • Curate for coherence building
  • Sense make collectively
  • Focus on actionable information
  • Nurture imagination, inspiration and innovation
  • Gather and grow momentum as a meta-systemic, coherent Whole, while respecting each diverse and sovereign strand
  • Bring us together across distances, strengthen connections, and tend to a sane future together.

We invite and welcome you to help us build this online space and strengthen a foundation for the future we want: an all-considerate, sustainable, evolving life for all. One that uplifts rather than compromises the true, the good, and the beautiful, that says ‘yes’ to life and to the potential of a thriving planet inhabited by thriving individuals!

At this point in time we are bringing people and networks on to the sane platform gradually, building a coherence amongst us, so that as we gather momentum we can keep increasing our collaborative capacity.