Sustainable ~ All-considerate ~ Numinous ~ Evolutionary: SANE

 Evolving our Capacity to Collaborate

Welcome to SANE!


A meta-systemic approach to helping create a sustainable, all-considerate future.


The foundational premise of SANE is that successful navigation of today's challenges requires our ability to do more than change society or even culture. It asks of us to go even deeper and to fundamentally change the basis (or generator) of culture: to change the form of collective intelligence by which we develop and sustain culture, and to creates spaces for such culture to come alive. In other words, to evolve our capacity for collaboration.

We envision A Sustainable, All-considerate, Numinous, Evolutionary global civilization. A SANE one.

One step in this direction is to come together in a sane online space and strengthen a collective foundation for the future that uplifts rather than compromises the true, the good, and the beautiful, that says ‘yes’ to life and to the potential of a thriving planet inhabited by thriving individuals and collectives!

We invite you to join us on the SANE PLATFORM, a virtual space to help us build coherence, sense make together, and gather momentum so that we can keep increasing our collaborative capacity.

“The best way to predict the future is to create it” – Dennis Gabor

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